The TRUTH Behind the Legalization of Cannabis

The global movement towards the legalization of cannabis (marijuana) has most definitely begun and has already been passed as “legal” in some states in the USA. Being that this is the case, the word “legal” has really added more confusion towards young adults. You see, what happens is that in the mind of a young adult, having the word “legal” next to the word “marijuana”, makes it synonymous with it being OK to do. This is FAR from the truth!

Marijuana, just like alcohol, will (more than likely) have an age restriction for “legal” usage. As the law is right now, you can’t be a minor and simply walk into a liquor store and buy a six pack! It is ILLEGAL to sell to a minor! So, “legal” marijuana will MOST DEFINITELY have age restrictions if it becomes street legal in Illinois. This means that teenagers won’t be able to walk into a store and buy marijuana at their leisure. There WILL be stiff penalties to those consuming and selling the cannabis to underage buyers. You can bet the farm on that!

Let’s take a quick look at what HAS passed in Illinois so far in the movement of legalizing cannabis. As of today, the state of Illinois has only lowered its penalties towards those found carrying small amounts of the drug on them. IT IS STILL ILLEGAL IN ILLINOIS TO CARRY, SELL OR CONSUME CANNABIS! Keep that in mind as we move forward! So, as mentioned, low amounts of cannabis found on someone will now be penalized with a ticket rather than jail time. Please, feel free to click HERE to learn more about the laws in Illinois regarding the possession of marijuana.

Now, what has become legal in Illinois, is the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is different than recreational marijuana. The biggest difference you’ll find is that medical marijuana (for the most part), isn’t smoked. What happens when doctors will prescribe medicinal marijuana to a patient? That patient will then receive treatment using cannabinoid oils (CBD) or (THC) and sometime both. Unlike CBD, THC is the mind-altering component in cannabis that causes you to get the “high” feeling. So, if you receive a prescription for CBD, you’re not going to get “high”. Medical studies have found the benefits of using cannabis oils and so thanks to the medicinal value in these oils, medical marijuana been deemed as legalized. Click HERE to watch a video (taken from National Geographic’s website) to get a better grasp on the value that cannabis has brought to the world of medicine. When the tables are turned in that direction, cannabis tends to have a more valuable approach for humanity than when we think about it being used to only get “high”.

As you’ve read here, recreational cannabis hasn’t been legalized in Illinois as of yet. However, the inevitable truth is that the legalization is coming… and soon. When that happens, we as a community need to prepare for the hit. The truth is, that many teens will try and purchase it the same way they try and get alcohol nowadays. So, campaigns will be needed to enforce ID’s being taken and that the right selling methods are being practiced.What you’ll need to keep in mind, is that the drug will be legalized but… it will be HIGHLY priced and it will be sold to the right age group. My guess is that it will have similar restrictions as alcohol does. Alcohol today is perfectly legal, but you can’t walk around with an open container. That aspect, I’m sure, will follow. Public intoxication is still a misdemeanor in Illinois so if you think that you’ll be able to walk around the streets while smoking your cannabis cigarette, you are sorely mistaking. As anything else, when it becomes legal, remember that it doesn’t mean that you should use it! Be respectful of your body because you only get ONE! Once you ruin this one, there’s no returning it for another one. You’re STUCK to the body you have… SO… treat it well!


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